Forget Mancaves… get your lady a She Shed and have the entire house to yourself!

Ever since that State Farm commercial came out- glorifying She Sheds, women everywhere have added this outside addition to the “honey-do list,” and we for one are ecstatic about it. The busy women who run our households have decided that they need their own quiet escape from the world, and if you think about it, that means the entire house is your Mancave. You are welcome.

What can you do in a She Shed?

  • yoga
  • crafting
  • read
  • quilting
  • pilates
  • book clubs
  • bible studies
  • journaling
  • whatever else women do when they are alone….

We have comprised a little Pinterest board ourselves of the best ones we have seen- to give your little lady something to look forward to in the decorating world. Obviously making it out of steel will ensure her little safe haven is safe from weather and lasts longer than Cheryl’s.

Shed & Studio and Living Space Room Type When a homeowner needed extra space for her growing business, she also looked no further than Modern Shed for her minimalist she shed, with a sloped roof, clerestory windows, and personalized window and door locations. A color scheme that worked with the colors of her historic home also on the property gave it its finishing touches.

she shed firepit

Shed & Studio and Living Space Room Type The interior of the she shed by Modern Shed features wood paneling and exposed beams. The prefabricated shed meant that it was ready to be used within a few days of its arrival on site.

Shed & Studio, Living Space Room Type, and Living Room Room Type In Avalon, Australia, Olaf von Sperl and Cindy Goode Milman designed a she shed for the corner of Milman's backyard with $15,500. As an artist, she sought a space that would work as both a functional studio as well as a place of respite to enjoy the beautiful year-round weather of the area. With a roof of translucent polycarbonate panels topped with a planted green roof, this she shed is one-of-a-kind.

Shed & Studio and Sun Room Room Type Out in rural Oregon, a she shed was constructed almost entirely of old multi-pane windows that the owner was able to reuse from local construction projects. Since cross-ventilation was a priority, more than two-thirds of the windows can be opened. The wide-plank wood floors help continue to bring the outdoors in, and minimal interior furniture and finishes keep this space comfortable for meditation.

This Trend is Set to Continue…

…and boy do all the men out there hope so. Happy Wife – Happy Life right?

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