The super material of construction!

Why do you think Superman was called “The Man of Steel”? He was the man who kept everyone safe with his sturdy and fire-retardant self (well maybe he wasn’t known for being fire-retardant, but we had to throw it in there).  Steel is becoming known and the industry as the material you can count on. Up until recently, steel was known for being used primarily in high-rise and industrial buildings because of its low weight, speed of construction, and durability. Now it is being used in household projects and here are another 3 reasons why:

It is flexible!

How many house repairs have you done to materials that have broken or cracked during extreme weather? Steel won’t do this to you- it is more likely to bend, so this means less repairs and no collapsing! We have mentioned this before, but steel buildings can withstand a 150-160 mph wind situation.

It is fire-resistant- like we said earlier!

If you were to unfortunately experience a fire- it will spread way more slowly through a steel building than say a wood building. Duh! Obviously if your steel structure is housing your equipment, storage boxes, or I guess now that I am listing it… anything, having a flame-retardant building is your best bet. Though lightning isn’t attracted to steel, if it does happen to strike the steel roof, it would get quickly transferred to the ground because of steel’s low resistivity. S0- even better!

It is strong!

Have you ever tried to pick up a wooden building? Man is it hard to do. Steel buildings are almost half the weight of a  wooden building the same size because steel has a higher strength to weight ratio than wood. Even though wood is heavier, steel buildings are way stronger and more durable than wood, brick or concrete (the heaviest of materials). This may come in handy in areas prone to tornadoes, earthquakes, and other natural disasters.

And for our nature lovers out there- steel is the most recycled material in the world with more than 80 million tons reused per year!

Steel is a material that can withstand fire, ice and help the environment! It should be high on the list of materials you choose when building a new structure!

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