Land is purchased and you are ready to build…

Whether it be commercial or residential- you have most likey begun your research and are making a decision between a bolt-up vs weld-up building. We have a little guidance for you on the difference between the two. We also give an explanation on why we do things the way we do at Central Texas Steel Buildings.

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Bolt-up vs weld-up steel buildings

Social media and Google searches are filled with consumers trying to decide between weld-up vs bolt-up metal buildings. Central Texas Steel Buildings takes pride in offering exactly what you need for YOUR specific project. Before you get started down the research path- this will help you decide which option is best for you.

Weld-Up Steel Buildings

Weld-up— or field-welded— steel buildings are fabricated at the job site. Central Texas Steel Buildings welders and builders take every step necessary to measure, cut, and weld your building together with precision and expertise. We are the leading steel building erector in Central Texas because of the care we put into making sure your structure is sound.

Bolt-up Steel Buildings

Professional designers and engineers create the plans for bolt-up metal buildings, adhering to local building codes and load requirements. The location of your new build is really the determining factor for whether you choose this option. Experienced and trained builders and welders manufacture every component to exacting engineering specifications that are required by your county and/or city. Every column, rafter, sheet, and purlin is cut, welded, punched, and marked. The framing package arrives ready to assemble with high-strength steel bolts. Central Texas Steel Buildings assures it is put together exactly as specified.

Initial material costs usually are somewhat less on weld-up framing materials. Keep in mind that you are paying for them to be engineered to your specifications, so there is a cost associated with that. So between bolt-up vs weld-up… weld-up is usually cheaper.

A metal building’s strength is only as good as the strength of its structural steel connections. Our main supplier- Elite Steel and Supply provides and manufactures the best metal materials in Texas.

Weld-up buildings usually have no engineering behind them, unless you opt for that by choice. The framing materials come without manuals or instructions so you are really depending on the professional erecting them. We are proud to say we are the leading steel building company in Central Texas and can handle any and all projects. Permitting can be the biggest hassle at times and with things needing to be individually inspected, tested, and approved— a tedious process that people try and avoid if possible.

Weld-up framing materials can usually be purchased and delivered quickly. Time and considering regulations and specifications goes into the engineering, and fabrication of bolt-up steel buildings, the building package normally delivers within a few months.

Whether you choose a bolt-up or a weld-up initially, future additions to your structure will be welded on. This should not be a factor if you have a choice between bolt-up or weld-up.

There should be no shortcuts to erecting a labor-intensive building no matter what.  With weld-up, every piece of the framing is hand-cut and welded on site. Pre-engineered, factory-made components for a bolt-up steel building come ready to assemble.

If you still have questions regarding the differences, feel free to give us a call and any of our experts can help you decide what is best for you.