3 reasons that steel the safe choice

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The super material of construction! Why do you think Superman was called "The Man of Steel"? He was the man who kept everyone safe with his sturdy and fire-retardant self (well maybe he wasn't known for being fire-retardant, but we had to throw it in there).  Steel is becoming known and the industry as

Forget Mancaves…

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Forget Mancaves... get your lady a She Shed and have the entire house to yourself! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ffs4gSJjjV4 Ever since that State Farm commercial came out- glorifying She Sheds, women everywhere have added this outside addition to the "honey-do list," and we for one are ecstatic about it. The busy women who run our households have

Why are we steel talking about this?

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Why are we steel talking about this? Steel homes are popping up everywhere you look. Advancements to the design of this material makes it hard to recognize as the steel you are used to seeing in skyscrapers, barns and sheds only. Steel was actually introduced in the mid-1880s when architects gave it a whirl-