Texas Flood Zones and Steel Buildings- What You Need to Know

New land owners should always make sure they are aware of all of the Texas flood zone areas on their property. Do this before you start considering where to put your new steel buildings. Floods are the most common in Texas for a natural disaster. The chances of flood damaging your home depend on the topography, proximity to bodies of water, and local climate. Here are a few FAQ’s we came up with to learn more about Texas Flood Zones and the risks you take building land out here.

Check flood map before building steel building in Texas

Am I in a flood zone right now?

Look at the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to see if the part of your land you want to build your steel building is in a Texas Flood Zones or “floodplain.”

Would flood be covered by my insurance if it happened?

Usually flooding caused by “rising water” from a natural disaster is not covered by most property insurance. You can get add-on flood insurance through the National Flood Program (NFIP).

Can I build my barndominium / steel building in a Texas Flood Zone?

The best answer to this question is, no … and we won’t say another word about it.

Can I get the part of my land that I want to build my metal building on, out of a flood zone?

Again, the answer to this- no. It is not worth the complicated process you would have to go through and we do not recommend you look any further into it.

Once you have checked the floodplain map and decided on where to build your barndominium/ metal building, it is time to start planning. Take a look at our Color Selector Tool to get some ideas on what to do next. Contact us and let us know what questions you have!