Here are our reasons…

Steel has been a major component in building construction since the minute builders stopped using cast iron primarily. Since that time, steel has become the most popular building material for commercial construction, but is it still the best material for building? We have a few reasons why it stays at the top…

Reason 1: Steel is versatile

Any wooden structure over 60 ft long needs steel to hold it up and stabilize it, and look around you- most buildings are over 60 ft long or wide. Many of the commercial buildings you go in every day have amazing exposed brick walls, stone exteriors and wooden structures. Behind all of that beauty is a steel component- giving it the strength it needs to stand. The point is- we can use it for a small mower shed, or a large airport and it gets the job done.

Reason 2: Steel is efficient

Steel buildings retain heat and cold better than you may think. This means you spend less on heating and cooling expenses. This also means you may save energy over the long run, giving you a better chance at receiving tax breaks for your business. It’s worth a google.

Reason 3: Steel saves you time

The construction time using steel compared to other materials is way less. This means that you can get back to business quicker if your building is commercial… and you can get back to your she-shed/man-shed sooner. Winner!

Reason 4: Durability

Obviously metal is strong… like Hulk strong- so there’s that. When something is durable that means less maintenance and repair work. That means less time, money and hassle. I don’t know many people that would’t sign up for that.

So overall, I think we have summed up just how awesome steel is. If you need more reasons, or just a quote- contact us! We are excited to get started on your project and make your life easier!