What are these Barndominiums you speak of?

Having the opportunity to be able to build your Texas dream home is a luxury few can afford, but many wish for. Enter the Texas Barndominium. Texas has always been known as the land of the rancher… the cowboy state if you will. Many Texas ranchers create a space to meet the needs of farm life right on their property. Unfortunately some Texas ranches were forced to be divided and sold out during difficult times, and their farm buildings were split from the property. The old farm is now part of someone else’s acreage, perhaps left unused for years. A renovated barndominium is a living space that makes use of those vacant buildings.  A barndominium can also however be built from scratch with custom designs and up-to-code construction materials. The bardominium craze is raising interest across Texas, allowing for many larger families to live comfortably and affordably.

barndominiums texas

New and Old

Refurbished former barns and/or brand new barndominiums can easily be transformed into your Southern dream home with Central Texas Steel Buildings’ skilled laborers. CTSB can even create turn-key projects in which you simply need to be involved in key design decisions, interior finishes, and the planning of your open house party when it is complete!

This Trend is Set to Continue

Barndominiums come in all different shapes, sizes and colors. People are using them for storage, living quarters, work spaces, and play areas for the kids. They are well loved by those who own one and we expect to see more of them in the Lone Star State in 2018. No matter how you plan to use your new space, CTSB can design something to meet your every need. Taking care of every detail of your new turnkey custom barndominium is why we exist.  Our experienced craftsmen can offer a custom barn and a custom building experience, with detailed floor plans, partial or renovated builds, and turnkey packages.

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