Flex your muscles steel…

The flexibility we are talking about here is the kind that maximizes your housing investment, speeds up the design/build process, and gives you the ability to grow your space, as your needs grow. Wanna hear more? If you don’t, you should…

Not Just a Box

What do you think of when you think of a “steel building”? Typically, the answer is “a metal box in the middle of anywhere that sticks out like a sore thumb.”

While this impression was very true up until recently, technology advances in steel manufacturing and the trend demands have evolved steel structures miles forward. Construction methods, materials used, and design trends have created a whole new reputation for these versatile buildings.

Flexible How?

Why did we use the word flexible? Here is a little hypothetical to illustrate why…

A homeowner comes to us looking for an outside structure that would be an additional storage facility for decorations and home maintenance equipment. They want it to be physically attractive to avoid that “eyesore” reputation, but strong and sturdy to store their precious belongings. A steel building is created and becomes a home to the Christmas decorations and lawn machines.

A few years later the homeowner’s son returns from college and wants to live at home, without living at home and asks about that steel structure outside. The homeowner reaches out to see how we can transform this idea into reality.

Central Texas Steel Buildings has the ability to adjust the engineering of the structure down to the smallest detail to rid it of it’s storage shed characteristics and accommodate it’s new resident. By utilizing existing architectural details and restructuring interior systems- it now meets their needs.

Not only is this structure now ready to go for this college man, it needs just a quick interior revamp the next time we want it to transform into something else. See- flexible!

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