Why would you party in a steel building?

So you have decided to throw a Halloween party for your kids at your house on October 31, but also need to throw your best friend Jane’s baby shower on October 28th. You have found Jane’s perfect Boho Fall Floral theme on Pintrest and the cutest Tricks or Treat theme for the kids. If they intersect they will clash -so you need a space that you can tear down quickly and start over easily or a separate space to host one. Look no further than right outside your house at your steel building!

New and Old

A steel building has such an interesting aspect when it comes to design. You can dress it up to appear modern, industrial, and sleek one day and then tear it all down and create a vintage Navajo look the next. Using the natural elements surrounding your steel building as accents to your theme can really add character and dimension to your decor. Ask us about turnkey construction for the design elements inside (i.e. flooring and lighting).

barn party leander

What else can you do out there?

Stay tuned for more ideas as they come to us, but as far as parties are concerned- here are a few other ideas:

• Host a barn fitness gathering- like group yoga

• Your husband/wife’s next birthday party

• Your kid’s birthday parties

• Your parent’s wedding anniversary party

• A Christmas ugly sweater party

We would love to help you either revamp your current steel building, or get started on a new one so you can start planning your next get-together.

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(Photo cred: Pottery Barn)